Help Center


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We offer free assistance in resolving a wide variety of problems confronting newcomers, low-income individuals, and other vulnerable populations. Each case is addressed individually, one-on-one, with an experienced professional at no cost to the client.

Examples of Services:

  • Translation of official documents for immigration applications;

  • Obtaining a one-time cash donation from our collaborative network of nonprofits and church-based organizations, enabling a client to pay for one month’s rent and utilities;

  • Assistance with an online job application, creating a pathway to gainful employment for a client who speaks only Spanish and has no computer skills; 

  • Finding a personal tutor and teaching materials for a minor preparing to take his or her GED exam in Spanish;

  • Arranging appointments, logistics, and financial sponsorship for immunizations and doctor appointments for refugee families;

  • Allowing a homeless client to receive mail at our office address, enabling him or her to apply for a job;

  • Explaining a letter from the IRS, enabling a client to understand that the IRS had acknowledged his or her requested tax status;

  • Negotiating pro-bono legal services, concerning the process of seeking guardianship for a dependent relative; and,

  • Drafting a résumé, enabling a client with weak English skills to successfully seek employment.

We offer many other forms of assistance, some rendered in the course of one brief visit, others that require days, weeks, or months of sustained effort.