About Us

People new to our community have unavoidable barriers in becoming successful Grand Islanders, like homelessness, unemployment, health issues, debt or legal obstacles. It’s even more complicated when you have to navigate American culture and the English language.

Through individually catered services, we team up with clients to remove and overcome these barriers, with accommodations made for the client’s native language. These newcomers walk out of our door with housing, employment, insurance or resolved legal problems, ultimately fulfilling dreams of building a better life in Grand Island.

Our mission is empowering individuals, embracing cultures, and strengthening community. We aim to strengthen the fiber of our community through individual and relationship development, for both the newcomer and long-term Grand Islander. Learn more about our services here.

Our Story

In September 2001, then Grand Island Mayor Ken Gnadt led a community team that visited a community center in Garden City, Kansas, which is a national model for services for immigrants. Attendees on the trip were able to see the delivery of immigrant services at Garden City’s one-stop center and meet individually with their counterparts. As a result, the Grand Island group enthusiastically decided to move forward with the establishment of the Multicultural Coalition, with the long-term goal of developing a comprehensive, one-stop service center. This center would assist with integrating minority newcomers into the community and meeting the transitional needs of Grand Island’s increasingly diverse community.