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A message from Executive Director Audrey.

Audrey Lutz

When we began this year, Multicultural Coalition had an Executive Director and one AmeriCorps VISTA member serving the organization. Now, we have two, full-time staff members, three AmeriCorps VISTA members, a part-time Community Health Worker, an instructor, and 24 trained, active volunteers. We are growing!

Since January, we have helped 21 Grand Islanders become citizens, each person receiving an average of 125 hours of our volunteers’ time. Collectively, these individuals are earning $60,000 more a year, have demonstrated good moral character, and are fluent in English. These new citizens are making Grand Island a better place for all of us to live!

We have also doubled the number of clients receiving our First-Stop Center services, for a total of 1,000 walk-in and 1,300 phone-in clients served. In each case, we helped a client remove barriers—educational, health-related, linguistic, and cultural obstacles preventing them from realizing their dreams in Grand Island. A few examples of removing barriers include…

…translation of a birth certificate, which allowed a client to secure Lawful Permanent Resident status in order to have authorization to work. He now has a job.

…assistance with an online job application, creating a pathway to gainful employment for a client who speaks only Spanish and has no computer skills.

 …financial support and arrangements made for required immunizations and clinical examinations for a family of nine, enabling all of them to transition from Refugee to Lawful Permanent Resident status. In five years, they will be able to apply for citizenship.

I am so excited to be able to share these stories of our growth with you and hope you are inspired. We are creating meaningful and valuable change at the individual level, making real our mission of empowering individuals, embracing cultures, and strengthening community.

This season, I hope you consider the ways you can give to our community’s most vulnerable individuals, whether that is through a donation or a commitment to volunteer. Our mission begins with you!

Grand Island’s population is 15.9% foreign-born, and this percentage increases every year. In our homes across the community, 25% of people speak a language other than English. These percentages, as well as the increased number of clients, speak to the tremendous need in our community for Multicultural Coalition.

Please consider making us one of your favorite causes this year. Review the card accompanying this letter for ways you can join us in donating or volunteering, showing how strong we are together, as a community!

Let’s keep growing!

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