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Our mission is empowering individuals, embracing cultures, and strengthening community. We aim to strengthen the fiber of our community through individual and relationship development, for both the newcomer and long-term Grand Islander. Learn more about our services here.

Board of Directors

J.D. Sabott | President | Shamberg, Wolf, McDermott & Depué
Mirta Delgado | Vice President| Five Points Bank
Paula Dush | Treasurer & Ethics Officer | Nebraska Truck Center
Amanda Levos | Secretary | Grand Island Public Schools
Estella Abuelsheikh | Grand Island Veterans Home
Jessica Calderon | Oro Mex
Valeria de Paula | The Language Project & All Faiths Funeral Home
Zac Griess | Bosselman Enterprises
Glen Murray | Truell, Murray and Associates
Mark Otto | Island Edge Development
Daniel Phillips | Career Pathways Institute
Seema Saxena | Midwest Psychiatry


Audrey A. Lutz – Executive Director
Steve Anderson – Deputy Director
Jorge Paramo – Communications Specialist
Chang Thao – Data Analyst
Brian Whitecalf – Assessment Coordinator
Barb Sorenson – Instructor


Melissa Kier – Citizenship Readiness
Danielle Helzer – Citizenship Readiness
Elder Haight – First-Stop Center
Elder Hoogendoorn – First-Stop Center
Michelle Seeba – World Neighbors

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