Our Services

Our Services

First-Stop Center


The First-Stop Center assists newcomers–immigrants, refugees and vulnerable individuals–by meeting immediate and emerging needs. We can help resolve any issue for a newcomer, either on-site or with the assistance of our partnering organizations and businesses. If you are with an agency or business and have questions about newcomers, please give us a call at (308) 385-5242.

Tuesday – Friday, appointments preferred

Spanish Available Tuesday-Thursday 9 a.m.-12 p.m.; Wednesday & Friday 3-4 p.m.
Interpreters in Arabic, Dinka & Nuer are available during appointments.

Multicultural Coalition provides interpretation and translation services to First-Stop Center clients (individuals) needing newcomer services. Multicultural Coalition does not provide interpretation or translation services to agencies or businesses.

Examples of Services:

  • Understanding Official Communications
    • IRS Notifications
    • Bills
    • Health Insurance Notices
  • Drivers License Renewals
  • Parent/Teacher Communication
  • Health Insurance Coverage Referral
  • Worker’s Compensation Referral
  • Finding Childcare
  • Transportation Barriers
  • Immigration Case Referral
  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Speeding Ticket Fines
  • Official Document Search
  • Completing Job Applications
  • Finding Affordable Housing
  • Service Refusal/Client Discrimination Issues

Citizenship Readiness

Karla & Lazim

The program prepares individuals to become naturalized U.S. citizens. 

Call (308) 385-5242 to make an appointment to see the best approach for you!